A tour of the Croatian coastline from Dubrovnik to Split on a classic yacht is a unique experience. Delight in the view of its untouched sites from the deck of one of the loveliest ships ever to cross the seas. It is hard to not be spellbound with a place exuding such a sweet and nostalgic feeling. Plan a holiday from Dubrovnik to Split on a classic yacht and get ready to be swept away by the experience. Dalmatia is one of the most picturesque sites of the Mediterranean. Get your fill of exciting moments on a classic yacht tour in Croatia: drop anchor in hidden coves for moments of intense relaxation, visit cozy and deserted beaches and hundreds of historical and nature attractions. Sailing in the Croatian waters on a sailboat or motorboat is a dazzling experience.




Embark for Dubrovnik at 12. This town, one of Croatia’s most beautiful destinations, sits in an absolutely enchanting location. Once known by its Italian name of Ragusa, Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw wondered once if heaven was somehow like this enchanted place, suspended between the land and the sea. Enjoy an evening meal and drink for a pleasant evening in Dubrovnik.


After an evening in town set off to the nearby Mljet. Make the most of the slight breeze and calm sea to drop anchor in this green and picturesque island where nothing but the sounds of nature seem to break the peace. Indulge in a spalsh in crystal waters and swim among the rocks, inebriated by the fragrant scents of the Mediterranean.


Sail to Lastovo Nature Park and Lake Mali on the second stop of your yacht tour on the Dubrovnik-Split route. Protected by the wind, this pristine bay is a well-known destination of classic yachties. The transparent water and scent of pine tar exuding from the surrounding woods create a magical atmosphere. Top off your stay by having a delicious lobster at one of the local restaurants that line the promenade.


Cruise from Lastovo to Korkula and stop in the South-Eastern coast that is protected from the mistral. The area is dotted with beaches, pine forests, and lovely bays nestling in spectacular landscapes. Moor in the waters of the medieval village of Korkula, where the locals say Marco Polo was born.


Let the wind and the calm sea guide you to the northern side and sail towards the charming isle of Vis. Stop in Viska Luka Bay for a visit to the Franciscan monastery of Vis, located close to the beach.


Drop anchor in Palmezana for a refreshing lunch and then set off to Stari Grad, Hvar. This charming medieval harbor is located at the tip of one of Croatia’s most dramatic fiords. Moor and get off your classic yacht for a taste of the local lifestyle featuring bars, cozy beach clubs, and restaurants by the sea.


In the morning sail to Bol, the picture-perfect cone of sand lying at the southern tip of the island of Brac. Stay at anchor in the dazzling spots of Lucice or Bobovisce that take on an added charm at sunset.


Enjoy a relaxing swim in the bay’s water before setting sail to Split, the last stop of your perfect charter of Croatia on a classic yacht. Any tour in this country must include a visit to Split. Its enchanting historical center simply begs tourists to move into one of the many studios and flats that overlook the amphitheater and the ruins of the Old City. Spend the last days of your holiday listening to live music and a glass of delicious wine in downtown, the true Istanbul of the West, where the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures mix.


If a week is not enough, and you want to enkoy croatia for a few extra day, the best is to sail up the river krk with your classic yacht and drop the anchor in the little village of Skradin, in the Krk National Park. Visit the waterfalls or swim in the fresh waters of the river, explore the canal with your SUP  or go for a waterski session. that's the perfect ending for a cruise in Croatia or just the perfect excuse to decide to come back next year. 



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