A picturesque maze of nature paths, bays, and coves for moments of absolute relaxation, in spellbinding landscapes: the gulfs of Naples and Gaeta are the backdrop of an unforgettable holiday on a classic yacht in the Pontine and Phlegrean islands. Ischia, Capri, and Procida are three very different islands and exclusive and welcoming destinations for scores of tourists. Ischia features thermal springs, wellness destinations, and many hidden charming spots. In Capri spend the day strolling and shopping on the glamorous via delle Camarelle, or enjoying a coffee or drink in the famous Piazzetta. And of course pay a visit to the Blue Grotto. Cruise along on your classic yacht charter towards the Pontine Islands and marvel at their beauty. Ponza and Ventotene, the two main islands of the six-island archipelago, receive the biggest influx of tourists. Do not miss visiting the Pontine and Phlegrean Islands.




Embark from Napoli and set sail to discover Procida. Sail around this small island boasting several coves, bays, and promontories. Drop anchor and take a walk around the picturesque fishing village of Coricella, enclosed by pastel-colored buildings. You will fall in love with the island in no time.



Ventotene and the tiny islet of Santo Stefano have a wild and authentic charm. Their unspoiled and transparent waters are dotted with lovely snorkelling and diving spots, including secca dell’Architetto, Punta dell’Arco, and Punta Pascone. Moor your classic yacht at the single marina and head off to Ventotene’s charming old town, or the ruins of the residence of emperor Augustus's daughter 'Villa Julia', or even the old roman aqueduct.



Set off with the wind on the sails of your classic yacht  and prepare to discover the island that people from Rome prefer for their weekend escapes. Ponza is a great party destination, featuring the exciting nightlife of Frontone Beach.



Palmarola is a snorkelling and diving paradise. An unspoiled island which has remained mostly untouched by men, except for the few yachts that come at anchor during the summer. Many people who have been here,  say it is one of the most beautiful island in the Med Sea.


Santo Stefano islet

On our way back to Naples, we stop over the island of Santo Stefano, In the past this tiny islet was a prison-island. A visit ashore to visit the ruins of the prison, built on the drawings of the architect Van Vittel, is defintely worth it.



Welcome to Ischia, the biggest island of Phlegrean archipelago, packed with natural and historical sites. Anchor your classic yacht and get ashore in the characteristic fishing village of Sant’Angelo, the ideal spot to start exploring the many beautiies of the Island. Ischia, is one of the most famous destination in Italy for those who love SPA and thermal baths.


Michelin-star Restaurants

One more day to indulge in absolute wellness and relaxation on lush Ischia. Enjoy your last day sailing around the island and pumper yourself with one of the many michelin-star restaurants available here.


Disembarking in Naples makes the perfect excuse to visit some of the treasures of the city. From Caravaggio's works to one of the greatest sculptures of all time, the Veiled Christ. This itinerary will leave you with a unique set of memories made of colorfoul tiny villages secluded bays, art, good food and enchanting archeological sites.



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